AdWeek: The Salvation Army’s Holiday Series Uses Animation to Evoke Compassion, Not Guilt

AdWeek: The Salvation Army Holiday Series Uses Animation to Evoke Compassion, Not Guilt

Susan Eisenberg is proud to voice the 2017 holiday campaign from the Salvation Army, “Fight For Good”. Created by The Richards Group, the campaign is comprised of four animated videos, featuring stories of hunger, homelessness, and financial difficulty. Through the plights of fictional animated characters, the Salvation Army hopes to illustrate very real problems experienced by real people.

AdWeek has a nice write up about the ad campaign:

Through a series of animated stories, The Salvation Army is delicately shedding light on the many “battles” people in need face during the holiday season—while trying to avoid guilting those in a position to help.

While the PSAs surely call on people to donate what they can to a Salvation Army “red kettle” (collections bucket), The Richards Group said in a statement that the goal of the campaign was not to guilt people into contributing to the cause.

“We’ve used illustrative elements throughout the main advertising to convey the reality and desperation of need without the guilt-inducing face of it,” the Dallas-based agency wrote. “Through this visual vehicle we can show the harsh struggles of homelessness, child poverty and unemployment in a more approachable way.”

To read the full AdWeek article and watch all the videos, click here.

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