Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix

Susan joins the cast of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’

Netflix & Kevin Smith’s upcoming Masters of the Universe series will feature Susan Eisenberg as Sorceress

Big news! Netflix has officially announced the voice cast for their upcoming relaunch of the legendary He-Man franchise, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Helmed by superstar director Kevin Smith, the star-studded cast is fronted by Mark Hamill as Skeletor, and features Susan Eisenberg as Sorceress, the iconic defender of Castle Grayskull.

Susan is also joined by Justice League cast members Kevin Conroy and Phil LaMarr, as Mer-Man and He-Ro respectively.

The series will follow as a sequel to the original animated series, but will feature a new anime animation style.

Here is the full currently-announced cast:

  • Mark Hamill — Skeletor
  • Lena Headey — Evil-Lyn
  • Chris Wood — Prince Adam / He-Man
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar — Teela
  • Liam Cunningham — Man-at-Arms
  • Stephen Root — Cringer
  • Diedrich Bader — King Randor & Trap Jaw
  • Griffin Newman — Orko
  • Tiffany Smith — Andra
  • Henry Rollins — Tri-Klops
  • Alan Oppenheimer — Moss Man
  • Susan Eisenberg — Sorceress
  • Alicia Silverstone — Queen Marlena
  • Justin Long — Roboto
  • Jason Mewes — Stinkor
  • Phil LaMarr — He-Ro
  • Tony Todd — Scare Glow
  • Cree Summer — Priestess
  • Kevin Michael Richardson — Beast Man
  • Kevin Conroy — Mer-Man
  • Harley Quinn Smith — Ileena

More info to come as additional details about the show are announced!

Susan Eisenberg — website profile image

Susan Eisenberg is a professional voice-over artist known for her animation, video game, and commercial work.

Her breakout role was that of Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana, in the acclaimed, fan-favorite Justice League and Justice League Unlimited television series.

She has continued her portrayal of Wonder Woman in numerous animated films and video game properties, including the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us series.

Her vocal work in cartoons also includes Masters of the Universe: Revelation and Jackie Chan Adventures, as well as in the video games Star Wars: The Force UnleashedElder Scrolls V: SkyrimMass Effect 3, Jak II, and Destiny.